At Texas Mortgage Consultants, we are Mortgage Brokers. Our job is to work with multiple lenders to find the best rate/program for your needs that will close when you need to close. Russell formed TMC because brokers provide a greater opportunity for homebuyers to save time and money.

Customers typically save money working with a broker because brokers are more efficient than most of the top heavy, overstaffed mortgage bankers and banks. Mortgage Bankers and banks tend to have 2-3 times the employees to close the same number of loans as a mortgage broker. With all of the technology available today, things cost less and employees have become more efficient if using the proper tools. Mortgage Banks tend to pass along their excessive employee expenses to the customer in the form of higher rates and fees.

We will present several choices and help you evaluate which lender and program is best for you.

A Mortgage Broker is also different than a traditional loan officer. Most loan officers are paid a salary plus bonus to close loans. But the loan officer can only close loans for the lender that employs them. A Mortgage Broker can shop and close loans with several different lenders. Having the ability to shop many lending sources is a huge benefit for our customers. We are able to help them find the best rate and terms available because we are not limited to using just one lender. The best news is you only have to apply once and we will do the work of shopping for you.

Simply put, working with a broker is better. We will present several choices from different lenders and help you determine the best fit and help you evaluate which lender/program is the best for you. Mortgage Brokers get paid by the lender and our set fee is included in the rate that you are quoted. Let us use our years of experience help you find the absolute best mortgage for you.